Friday, May 25, 2012

The Top 3 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid
Don’t catch yourself falling into these three traps when it comes to Facebook!

Social media can create a boost to your business and brand—if you do it right. If you do it wrong, it could backfire. Here are three social marketing pitfalls you should avoid at all costs.

1. All about me, not about you. The biggest question on a customer’s mind is “What’s in it for me?” Are you answering this question when you throw out facebook posts? Social marketing should be exactly how it sounds—social. It’s about connecting with people. If you’re posting all about your business and what you do on a daily basis without answering your customer’s biggest question, you are failing at the most critical point of social marketing.

2. Leaving comments unanswered. You don’t want to be that guy – the one who is constantly talking about themselves without listening to what anyone else has to say. If you have a social marketing presence, you are most-likely getting comments and questions. If you are going to keep the interest of those you are marketing to, you must address every comment, especially if it is a negative one. A negative comment can wreak havoc for your business, so be sure to address it right away and always come up with a positive spin.

3. Not mapping out your strategy. Social marketing can bring a return on your time investment, but only if you have a plan. A social marketing plan can keep your business in front of the people you need the most. It can help each post build on one another instead of being scattered and unrelated. It can help you truly address your constituency’s needs and wants.

Have you set goals for your social marketing? Do you have the next month of promotions planned out? Need help with translating how a social marketing plan can bring more brides to your business?

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